Amanda Peet's Baby Name Drama

Amanda Peet's Baby Name Drama
MAY 10, 2010 AT 12:52 PM
Amanda Peet and husband David Benioff welcomed Molly June on Monday, April 19, but little Molly had a dramatic arrival into the world. First, it was uncertain David would even be there to witness Molly's birth.
"I got in a taxi three days before [I gave birth] and saw the scrolls saying, 'Volcanic ash cloud, all U.K. airports closed,' and started to panic as I was already dilated and there were signs that I was going to go into labor sooner than later," the actress admitted during a visit to Late Show with David Letterman.
This was a problem because David was in Malta at the time. Luckily, he was able to catch a flight back in time for Molly's arrival.
Then they had problems settling on a name for their new daughter.
"We were fighting about it a lot and you can't leave the hospital until you sign the paper with the name so we got right up to the point where the nurse was trying to usher us to leave," Peet, 38, reveals.
"We still couldn’t choose between Maya June and Molly June. So finally David … tore off two little pieces of paper, wrote the names on each paper, and put them behind his back."
But when Peet picked Maya June, she couldn't hide her disappointment! "I chose one of them and it was Maya and then I got really upset, so…" she says.
... so Molly it was! I like both names, so I can see why they had a hard time deciding. What do you think of their choice?
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Amanda Peet's Baby Name Drama

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