James Holzier Address

James Holzier Address
James Holzier
Hollywood Actor

One of the hottest rising celebrities in the world. James Holzier is an American actor and model. Born on August 11th in Fairfax, Virgina. Born to Jim and Christine Holzier. His father Jim is of German descent and his mother, Irish decent. James was born 3 months early and this pre-mature baby had his struggle since the beginning. He fell from a roof at a young age and even flatlined while growing up in Houston. He is a natural athlete and even though he played basketball and soccer; he gravitated towards acting. Holzier excelled immediately while growing up in Houston, Texas. He was the only child asked and invited to participate in adult acting classes. An incredible back story.

While performing in theatrical plays, Holzier had the chance to move to California for movie roles. Instead, he declined deciding to finish school. Later, Holzier would film 2 made for TV movies in which he was the male lead in both of them. Positive buzz began to grow about James and so did opportunities for movie roles that would have brought him instant stardom. Sites began to pop up across the net dedicated to him. Fan basses grew across the world and so did his following. Holzier was considered for such parts as Noah Calhoun in "The Notebook", according to notstarring.com.

But Holzier wanted to wait for the right place at the right time. James most recently signed a 3 motion-picture contract in which he will be staring in all 3 theatrical releases. All Media Guide called James Holzier one of the most popular male celebrities emerging. But no matter how high his star rises, James will stay down to earth. As he told Girl Power in Australia, "I am not better than anyone else. I just think any of us can do anything, whoever we are." This attitude is a big part of his universal appeal. "He is one of those movie stars I have always wanted to meet," writes Taylor Blue for her site TENGossip.com. And more and more people seem to agree.

James Holzier's Address, Mailing Addresses, Fan Mail, Contact Addresses:

James Holzier Address #1:
James Holzier
c/o APA
405 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90212

James Holzier Address #2:
James Holzier
c/o Bob Willems
6011 Westline Dr.
Houston, Texas 77036

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