Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen Getting Married???

Fact Or Fiction: Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen Getting Married
Jun 22, 2009 AT 05:03 pm
Well, we've heard this one before so I'm just taking it with a grain of salt. Supposedly Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are set to marry. The source...his grandma!
Hayden's family and onlookers overheard the actor's grandmother calling Rachel her "future granddaughter". The couple were joined by Hayden's grandparents and Rachel's grandmother at New Jersey's Virginia Hotel where "they all had cocktails on the front porch every night."
Hayden's grandma might just be saying that as a way of wishful thinking! That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be walking down the aisle tomorrow. Although getting in with the grandparents is always a good sign. :)
Photos by INF.

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