Jennifer Aniston Finds A New Brad?

Sat, 20 June 2009
Jennifer Aniston Finds A New Brad

New details have surfaced about Jennifer Aniston’s date with her new Brad — The Hangover stud Bradley Cooper.
The couple enjoyed pasta, steak and salad during a romantic dinner at Italian restaurant Il Cantinori in Manhattan on Thursday. Brad, 34, and Jen, 40, even sipped Pellegrino water instead of alcohol.
“It was a date,” a source tells People. “She is taking it slow. She is obviously looking for love, but is not about to rush into anything.”
“They were very nice and chatty,” the manager of the restaurant told E!.

Jennifer Aniston used to be married to Brad. Bradley Cooper briefly had his wife Jennifer. Last night, Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper went on a familiar-named date in NYC! The duo was spotted ducking out of a restaurant together and into an awaiting SUV after dinner. Earlier this year there were rumors of flirtation between the two, which Bradley laughed off saying if only he could be so lucky — what a difference a few months make. Bradley is high off the success of The Hangover, and we must admit that Jennifer and Bradley would make a pretty amazing looking couple. We're trying not to jump to conclusions about the He's Just Not That Into You costars, but what do you think — do they seem like a match made in heaven?

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