Melanie Griffith and mother Tippi with son Alexander Bauer

-Antonio Banderas (14 May 1996 - present) 1 child
-Don Johnson (26 June 1989 - February 1996) (divorced) 1 child
-Steven Bauer (8 September 1981 - 1987) (divorced) 1 child
-Don Johnson (8 January 1976 - July 1976) (divorced)

-She has children from 3 different husbands - son Alexander Bauer (b. 1985) with Steven Bauer, daughter Dakota Johnson (b. 1989) with Don Johnson and daughter Stella Banderas (b. 1996) with Antonio Banderas.

-Melanie Griffith daughter of model Tippi Hedren and advertising executive and sometime actor Peter Griffith.

-Her parents' marriage ended in 1961 and Tippi came to Los Angeles to get a new start.

-Tippi caught the eye of the great director Alfred Hitchcock, who gave her starring roles in The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964).

-Tippi married her second husband, agent Noel Marshall ( Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Production Designer), in 1964, and Melanie grew up with three stepbrothers.

-Half-sister of actress Tracy Griffith and Clay A. Griffith.

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